Costumes for People who want to Stand Out

A little history and a little fantasy

About ten years ago, we became involved in a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) organization. The setting of the world we created is Medieval Fantasy, where magic is the norm and goblins, ogres and undead threaten us on a regular basis.

Costumes, of course, add a great deal of flavor to the events, and although appropriate attire could be found, it was either too delicate to be worn during battle, or not warm enough for use during the frosty October midnight battles in the woods. I undertook to correct this situation by becoming the primary costumer for the group known as the Ithaca Fantasy Role-Players Association, or IFRA.

Over the last several years, my sister, Anne DeLong, my daughter Bethany Eddy and I, Janet Payne, have been contracted by members of IFRA to manufacture costumes that are warm, durable and flexible, at the same time retaining the period feel of midevil times. Such was the response, that Tangled Skein Clothiers was born, to offer the same exceptional costumes to the greater world.

Thank you for visiting this site. A gallery of our past creations has begin to take form. More will be added in the weeks to come!

If you see something that interests you, please e-mail us at You see, everything here is custom made to your specifications, so there has to be more communication than a click in a shopping basket. We'll need measurments, colors, preferences in fabrics and all manner of other good stuff.

Payments we accept are PayPal, MasterCard and VISA, and check or Money Order.

So look, enjoy, and come back again!